Thursday, May 23, 2013

How I Style | Wash & Go Pt. 2 "Nighttime Routine"

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Products Mentioned:
Wen Pomegranate Rosemary Treatment Oil (Ebay has the best prices)

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How I Style | Wash & Go Pt. 1

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***Using heat (diffuser/blow dryer) is just a option. I prefer my curls stretched and I find that it gives more body and decreases tangling...for me.***
Products Used:
Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner as a leave in
Clear Eco Styler Gel
Coconut Oil

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Video: How I Style | Braid Out Part 2

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FINALLLLLLLLY!!!!! So sorry for the HUGE delay in uploading this video. At the time this tutorial was made,  my computer was acting a fool and I had to have it serviced. I actually thought the files got deleted in the process, but after some digging I found them.
 I pinky promise to never make you guys wait months for a sequel lol!!
Enjoy :)
If you have not seen Part 1 it can be viewed here:
Products Shown: (I was NOT paid to mention these products)
Coconut Oil from Tropical Traditions
Jane Carter Nourish and Shine

Guest Post: 5 Challenges Everyone Must Try

submitted by Ken of SoulShakedownParty
Personal Challenges keep me sane. Knowing that I’ve decided to start something, endured the full period and started seeing positive results or changes- however small they may be, is a great feeling. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to do a personal challenge again in the upcoming month. In deliberation, I’m running back and forth through a mental list of the challenges I’ve done before, attempted or thought of doing, and trying to decide which one would be a good idea.

I compiled a list of 5 of these great challenges to share with my readers: 5 Challenges Everyone Must Try. Of course my list is female-biased but nonetheless, no one is excluded from trying any of these challenges.

If you are new to any of these challenges, doing it as a group challenge is probably the best way to start off. It is easier to stay on track because it’s so easy to lose focus at first. The idea of competition is also always a great source of motivation.

The Hide Your Hair Challenge is personally the most fun challenge I’ve done. I did a lot of protective styling (mainly updos) during this challenge. When I get tired of wearing my hair up I simply switch to wearing it down and then continue the cycle. However I wasn’t able to do this during the challenge because I had to hide my hair and protect my ends. After the first 2 weeks I had to get creative with my hair and the styles. That was the fun part and the challenge altogether was a great change. It made me take styling seriously for once.

30-Day Squat Challenges have gone viral. Although I’ve never done a squat challenges, I used to include squats in my regular exercise routines so I know how challenging it could be. Squats are a great workout for your lower body and are among the few exercises that are super easy to do at home. The good thing about the squat challenges that I’ve seen so far is that they include proper rest days and the difficulty level increases. I know a lot of beginners are complaining about the pain of trying to walk the next day. Well..the old cliche No Pain, No Gain works well with exercise.

The 8-A Day or eight glasses of water a  day is something I try to live by. You don’t have to literally drink an eight ounce glass of water 8 times daily. What you eat, how much extra physical activity and your body’s needs determine how much more water you need. Water intake depends on individual needs. What I’ve learned to do is drink small amounts of water regularly or when I really feel the need to. Carrying around a bottle of water instead of buying juice also helps. It’s a hard habit to get into but it was really worth it after some time. Your body will really thank you later..

This was a personal challenge idea that I got from a book. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the title/author of this book. The aim of the challenge is to say something positive or give a compliment to someone you may not know too well (since it’s easier to be nice to people we are familiar with). This self-development challenge was an uncomfortable one at first since I’m shy with strangers in person. I know you’re probably wondering how giving someone a compliment makes YOU feel better. A compliment works positively both ways- for both giver and receiver. Try it..

The Eat Healthy Challenge  combined with the 8-a day challenge, has bigger and better overall health benefits. But it is my least favourite, most frequently attempted and least successful challenge to date. I love junk food. The End. Okay, eating healthy is a great choice and we all know that it’s something we should be doing so, but it’s hard right? Junk food is my weakness so I make up a million excuses. This is the one challenge that I’ve only attempted too many times to count. But I think that it’s also the one challenge that everyone should try- Including myself again. So, motivation anyone?

Ken, you've definitely motivated me! Especially the eat healthy, sweets are my weakness lol! On the outside I look pretty darn fit, but even a skinny chick can be out of shape. Lately I've been trying to workout and incorporate more veggies in my diet by way of juicing, but it's sometimes hard to stay focused. However, when I'm lacking inspiration I'll be coming back to this post. Thanks for sharing! -SHANA

To read more from Ken please visit and to stay in contact follow her on Twitter @SoulShakedownParty :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Protective Styling | A Simple Twisted UpDo

In Review: As I Am Hair Care Collection

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Hey guys....long time no vids huh?!! LOL! I've missed you guys!!!!!!!
This is a really quick video expressing my new found love of As I Am!!

Coconut Co Wash (Cleansing Conditioner)
 Key Ingredients: Tangerine/ Coconut Oil/ Castor Oil/ Saw Palmetto and Phytosterols
 Cost: $7.99 for a 16oz jar @ Sally's Beauty Supply

Leave In Conditioner
 Key Ingredients: Coconut/ Amla/ Sugar Beet/ Green Tea/ Lemon/ Apple/ Sugar Cane/
 Phytosterols and Saw Palmetto
 Cost: $10.49 for an 8oz bottle @ Sally's Beauty Supply

Twist Defining Cream
 Key Ingredients: Sunflower Oil/ Castor Oil/ Amla/ Sugar Beet Root and Phytosterols
 Cost: $21.99 for a 16oz jar @ Sally's Beauty Supply

Smoothing Gel
 Key Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel/ Sugar Beet Root/ Vegetable Glycerin and Wheat Protein
 Cost: $7.99 for an 8oz jar @ Sally's Beauty Supply

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Obsessive Links: Is Gray Hair Beautiful?

I think so! I've been noticing the grays in my kinks for some time now and just yesterday I post a pic of one of my longest ones on Instagram. I only have a few for now, but I've always been a fan of gray hair. Yes, it's a sign of age, but to age is a gift in my opinion. It's a sign of life! So I wear my gray strands proudly and always encouraged those around me (especially my mother) to do the same. But, not everyone shares my enthusiasm...and that's fine too!
Supermodel Iman posted her thoughts of grays on her site Destination Iman, and I love her point of view and the views of the ladies she spoke with. Here's my favorite excerpt from her article...
"That being said, I think women who are completely gray are positively sublime. Whether cropped short or long and layered, every woman I’ve ever laid eyes on with a well-appointed sterling mane is at once regal and proud. They always strike me as being high priestesses of sorts; women who are light years beyond societal beauty norms so much so that they’ve created their own niche where they can be alluring and beguiling without having to get into the whole battle royale that is aging. They get the joke; what makes the hot chicks hot is that they aren’t slaves to narcissism. They have the moxie to take their vanity in moderation which gives them an air of wisdom and strength."
Read the full story HERE, it's a definitely a good read!
What are your thoughts on grays...Pluck and dye them or just let them shine?
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